Try Tennis - Yes!

Try Tennis - Yes! is a NEW dynamic class that teaches new or returning players how to serve, rally, and play while learning the basics of tennis in a social environment.

Why is Try Tennis - Yes! different compared to other beginner classes?  

Tennis is a moving game of chess.  By using Red Balls and smaller courts, we get players comfortable hitting and moving as soon as possible. We teach the basics of the strokes and then have you practice rallying on day 1 along with learning the basics of strategy.

Check out our player pathway below and to see where you can say "YES!" to tennis!

Try Tennis Classes  are based on movement and hitting as many balls as possible,

while learning the game!

 Try Tennis - Yes! Player Pathway

All classes are 4:1 ratios.


Try Tennis - Yes!

This clinic is for adults that have never played tennis or have only played a few times with friends/family. 

  This class does not require a complimentary orientation. 

Try Tennis - Again!  

This clinic is for adults that have completed Try Tennis - Yes! at least once or have limited experience with tennis instruction.  Players must do a complimentary orientation prior to registering.  

Quickstart for Adults  

This clinic is for adults that have completed Try Tennis - Yes! or have limited experience with doing tennis instruction and interested in more instruction with play. Players must do a complimentary orientation prior to registering. 

Check out our New Player Reference Page

This is a great resource for new players to tennis! 

Learn why we use Red, Orange, and Green balls

with ALL players here

Coach Thane

Try Tennis - Coach/Director

Try Tennis Classes (Videos from Sept-March 2020 Pre-Covid)

Players should contact  the front desk to sign up for the class.  



General Club Hours

Effective 9/10/20

Hours Varied by Day, Open 7 Days 

Call for specific times!

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