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New Tennis Player's Reference Page!

Are you new to tennis and are looking: 

  • to learn more about where to buy tennis attire 

  • to learn more about the history of tennis

  • to learn more about professional tennis

  • for where you can see tennis in the tri-state area

  • for beginner tennis tips


You've come to the right place!

This page is to help you learn what's happening in the world of tennis. 

Where to Buy Equipment and Essentials

Where to buy Red/Orange/Green Tennis Balls 

Yonkers Tennis, Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods, Walmart, Target


Why it's important to wear court/tennis sneakers rather than just running sneakers

Major Racquet Brands


Additional brands:  Dunlop, Prince, Power Angle,

RSTennisUnlimited is located at Yonkers Tennis Center.  Richard Sanchez can help you purchase a racquet. Before you purchase a new racquet, we suggest you speak with your coach prior to buying to help you find what is best for your game.  There is a racquet for everyone, but it's good to try a few before you buy.

Major Tennis Clothing Brands



Asics, Babolat, Yonex, Head

I'm looking to do play more, what should I do?

  •  Connect with the friends and book your clinic for yourselves at YTC! 

  • Try a Try Tennis - Yes! class:  Learn more here

  • Take a Private  (1:1) or Semi-Private (2:1) lessons

International Tennis Hall of Fame

Newport Casino is the home of the International Tennis Hall of Fame located Newport, Rhode Island.  There is a fantastic museum and grass courts along with one of only a few "Real Tennis" courts in the US.

Learn about Real Tennis here

Professional Tennis 

US Open (the last Grand Slam of the Year)

NY Empires of World Team Tennis 


NY Open

Mens 250 Level Event

Located at Nassau Coliseum in February

Bronx Open

Womens 250 Level Event

Located at NJTL Cary Leeds Tennis and Learning Center

Professional Grand Slam Tournaments (Pre-Covid)

Each tennis season has 4 majors.  Below is a link to their websites 

Australian Open takes place in Melbourne in January

French Open takes place in Paris in May

Wimbledon takes place in London in July

US Open takes place in Queens, NYC in August

World Tennis Associations 


International Tennis Federation

Governing body of tennis worldwide

United States Tennis Association

Governing body of U.S. tennis

U.S. Professional Tennis Association

Tennis Coaching Teaching Certifying Organization

Professional Tennis Registry

Tennis Coaching Teaching Certifying Organization

Learn about the unique tennis scoring system 

Click here to read the article on the history of the tennis scoring system.  

Best Tip in Tennis I’ve ever Received!

by Thane Schweyer, Director of Try Tennis - Yes!

One of the best tennis tips I can pass along is to "Freeze your eyes on the point of contact.”  I learned this from Roy Barth, former professional player/former Director of Tennis at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort (#1 tennis resort in the world) when I worked at the resort for several years. Roy learned this from one of his teachers, Maureen Connolly (winner of 9 Grand Slams).  

Most coaches say to "watch the ball."  This is a slight miscommunication as that is exactly what players do when they are on the court.  Players watch the ball come to them and then watch the ball as it leaves.  They never actually see the ball make contact with the racquet.   

If you are watching the point of contact on every shot correctly and long enough, you should not see the ball fly over the net.  You should finish the motion for your shot based on the strategy, hear the ball bounce on the other side or count 1 2 and then look up.  Here’s a video of Federer in slow motion. Check out his eyes on the contact point.  He does it the most pronounced of any professional player, which may be one of the reasons why he's currently in the lead with the most Grand Slams on the ATP Tour.  


This is one of the best tips that I learned as a player that I continually pass along to players.  It’s tough to master, but when you do you’ll find it will help your game immensely!

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