more PRACTICE leads to

more PROGRESS with Private Lessons

 Happy Hour Lesson Special

Monday-Friday from 2-3pm 

$85 for all coaches except Tendai

This special applies until May 1 for private lessons only

NEW 2019-20 Private Lesson Booking Policy

All lessons are subject to court and coach availability* (Peak & Off-Peak).  

Peak times:  M-F 9am-12pm, 3pm-9pm and ALL weekend

Off-Peak times:  M-F 7:30am-9am, 12pm-3pm, 9pm-10pm 

 Peak Time Rules

During peak times, private lessons can be booked week to week ONLY.

*Multiple lessons may be scheduled and taken within the same week (Peak & Off-Peak).

Private Lesson Rates 

2019-20 Rates 

30 min lessons are half of 60 min. rate.  90 min. is 1.5x 60 min. rate


60 Minutes:  $135



60 Minutes:  $120


60 Minutes:  $105

Semi-Private Lesson Rates

2:1 ratio


60 Minutes: $195 ($97.50 per player)



60 Minutes: $175 ($87.50 per player)

Alexa/Dave/ Ed/Felix/Luis

60 Minutes: $155 ($77.50 per player)

Junior Permenant Private Lesson 

Junior Permenant Private Lessons are perfect for junior looking for a 33 week private lesson with the same coach and time each week.  


Click here for rates and policies

Families looking for a Junior Permanent Private Lesson should speak with

Mary Lou Cummings at or 914-968-6918x302

Contact the Front Desk to sign up for a private lesson

914-968-6918x0 or