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Welcome Coach Nelo Phiri!

Nelo was born in Zambia, and raised in Westchester, NY. For Nelo, “Westchester is her home for Tennis.” Nelo has been the Founder and Co-owner of ‘FG,’ a program focused on Personal Growth. She received her Master’s in Sport Management, with a focus in Business and has had experience working with both recreational and professional players. Nelo previously had a dream of becoming, ‘The Next Serena, (as people would also say), but decided that college was the best path for her. Her purpose and skills led her to coach and direct junior players at Kela Tennis Academy (where she was also raised), then became the Assistant Coach for St. John’s University where she helped lead the Women’s Tennis Team to winning their first Big East Championship, and is currently involved with the USTA’s Youth Development initiatives, such as, Early Development Camps and Nationally held Tournaments. Nelo is currently focused on coaching Tennis and using it as a vehicle to develop character, alleviate anxieties, and for fun!

“I’m grateful for the warm welcome, philosophy, and structured expectations held by President, Joe Curto, not Biden lol, Director, Tendai, Coach Vito, the Administrative staff, caring Coaches, and the entire YTC team, Thank you.” - Coach Nelo

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