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Becoming Me - Glory Peddie's Tennis Journey

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Her bright and exuberant smile is contagious. Whenever she walks into the club, Glory Peddie immediately lights up the room. Glory has been playing tennis at Yonkers Tennis Center for four years. She started in our Adult Beginner class with Coach Pat Rogers, where her love for the sport blossomed.

Glory has always been interested in tennis, having grown up in England, the home of Wimbledon, however, she stuck with Badminton until coming to YTC. Tennis was a challenge Glory was ready to take on in order to change her lifestyle. She knew tennis involved a lot of stamina and endurance. "Tennis is a thinking sport and a reaction sport. It is a place I can come and unwind and relax."

Her goal is to make her way up each level and see the improvement both in herself and in her game. Glory is extremely determined and makes the most of every situation she is in. You can put her with beginners or experienced players and she will have a smile on her face the entire time and give 110% from beginning to end.

Glory didn't know what she was capable of going into this transformation. She wouldn't believe that she could go from playing 2 hours of Badminton to 1 hour of tennis or participate in a Cardio Tennis class, and still feel good afterwards. She found that she could step up to any challenge and not be afraid.

"Tennis has taught me, to always keep going, and to never give up. Always finish it until the end and most importantly, you have to have fun. You can't take things too seriously.

Always be you, and by being you, you show to others."

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