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NEW Ladies Match Prep 

with Tendai Kuwaza

Learn how to move with your partner

Being in sync is the first step to becoming a good doubles player

Learn how to take care of the ball

Controlling the point vs staying in the point

Learn how to be more comfortable in pressure situations Grow your confidence when the match counts!


Director of Tennis/

Ladies Match Play Coach

This is a great supplement for a player in an Adult Clinic or SeaPro court

Format of Play


Rally Based Drills




For 3.0 players 

Any other level players interested in participating

must be approved by Tendai Kuwaza

Thursdays 12-1:30pm

Two 10 week sessions

12/5-2/13 (Off Date 12/26)


1 make up per 10 week session

$450 per session

Can't attend regularly?

$60 to sign up as a sub

Sign up with Nicole Cummings at 914-968-6918x338 or

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