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Junior Tennis Programs

Yonkers Tennis Center offers a wide variety of playing options for junior players. We utilize the Developmental Appropriate Tennis (D.A.T) methodology.  D.A.T. is an innovative concept that has its fundamentals born in the development of both adults and juniors.  


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2019-20 Season Starts on Monday, September 9th 2019

Off Dates: Nov. 28-Dec. 1, 2019  |  Dec. 23 - Jan. 1, 2020 |  May 23-25, 2020

D.A.T. Program Benefits + Highlights

Players must be in the program to take advantage of the D.A.T. program benefits at no additional cost!


36 week session: All classes are 33 or 36 weeks. The more you play the more you can improve your skills and enjoy the game.


Complimentary Red/Orange Ball Agility Class:  Come for an additional 30 minute class for Red and Orange ballers to work on additional agility skill building.  Monday, Tuesday, Friday 3:30-4pm


Complimentary Open Court Time:  Available weekdays from 3-4pm for Orange/Green/Yellow ballers.

Please reserve in advance via the front desk!

Monthly Make Up Opportunities:  Red and Orange Ball will have a make up class on Wednesdays from 4-5pm.  

Green and Yellow Ball will have a make up class on Fridays from 5-6pm.  

Players must sign up to attend.  There is no guarantee of a spot. 


Limited End of Season Make Ups:  At the end of the season (June 2020), there will be a limited selection of make up classes

For questions or to register via phone, contact Nicole Cummings at 914-968-6918x0 or

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