Rogers Cup

Junior Match Play 

2021 Playing Schedule and Teams!

*** These teams WILL NOT be changing. There are a few teams that have room for one more player and as people sign up, they will be added.  The team you are on is the team you will be on for the entire session***

The schedule for the next week is:

Saturday, January 23: 4-6pm
Team Walter vs. Team Tag 

Team Lucy vs. Team Mimi

Saturday, January 23: 6-8pm
Team Ally vs. Team Ford Team

William vs. Team Eliza

As a reminder, these times will not change. If you cannot make the time your team is playing, please let me know at least 24 hours.


Players ​MUST​ have their mask on their face covering their nose and mouth at all times. They can pull it down while they are playing, but it must be on their ears for easy access. ​ When players are not playing, they must have their mask on.​ We have two hand sanitizing stations and we have gloves for players who wish to use them. Players MUST have their scan cards and scan in when they enter the building. Also, players will NOT be allowed in the building until 5 minutes before their scheduled time.

 If there are any questions or concerns please reach out to me directly at​.

Thank you all for the continued support and for helping keep this program running!

All the best,

Coach Alexa

Alexa Goldberg, Match Play Coach 

For questions or to sign up, please contact

Alexa Goldberg at

General Club Hours

Effective 9/10/20

Hours Varied by Day, Open 7 Days 

Call for specific times!

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