Flex Clinics

Week to week pro lead themed clinics 

Flex Clinics are best for:

  • Pro lead games with singles and doubles

  • Players looking to add another on court session

  • Players that can't commit to a full session

  • Players that like playing with different people each time

Point Play

Games and strategy are the focus of this Flex Clinic. Singles, doubles, and group games will get players in different realistic point play situations.

Friday         6:30 - 8pm        3.5 - 4.0   Michael

Saturday   11:30 - 1pm        3.0 - 3.5   Martin

Sunday       10 - 11:30am    3.5 - 4.0    Richard


Boot Camp

Fast paced drills to help you earn your workout!

Monday         11 - 12:30pm     3.5 - 4.0    Michael

Sunday          4:30 - 6pm         3.5 - 4.0    Richard


Flex Clinics have a minimum of 2 player and a maximum of 6.  

If a clinic has only 1 player signed up, a private lesson will be offered in lieu of the Flex clinic at the rate of the coach running the Flex Clinic.  If we are cancelling a clinic it will be done 24 hours prior to the event.

Flex Clinics can ONLY be booked week to week! Please reserve your spot with the front desk.  

General Club Hours

M: 7am-10:30pm

T: 7:30am-10pm

W: 7:30am-10pm

Th: 7:30am-10pm

F: 7:30am-8pm*

S: 7am-8pm*

S: 7am-10pm

*F/S: Subject to court schedule

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