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Love Your Experience in YTC's Adult Program!

 Adults can enjoy weekly clinics grouped into 4:1 max ratio with a coach to learn the game of tennis in a clean, social, safe, and dynamic atmosphere.  

With the help of our coaches, our goal is to help you learn the game through a variety of fun skill-building activities and games with the use of red, orange, green low compression balls and yellow balls. 

For players ages 16 +

April 2021

Spring into April!

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Contact the Front Desk to register for April Flex

at 914-968-6918x0 or

Drill & Play

with Coach Luis 

Designed for 3.5+ players looking to get an early morning workout utilizing drills specifically geared to improve tactical play.

There will be a 15-20 minute warm up, followed by a live ball drill, then situational point play will be implemented to finish out the session. 

Sundays 7:30-9am

Levels: 3.5+

$50 per week


Sign Up for the month or weekly!

Men's Match Play with Coach Santos 

Mens Match Play is for 3.5+ players looking to keep match sharp during the winter months. You don't need to worry about finding a competitive player week to week. We'll take care of it for you!


Sunday 6-8pm

Levels: 3.5+

Format is round robin style.


Sign up, Show up, Warm up and Get Swinging!


$50 per week


Sign Up for the month or weekly!


Contact Front Desk to register for Drill & Play and/or Mens Match Play at 914-968-6918x0 

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