Coach in Training Program Overview

The Coach in Training (C.I.T.) Program at Yonkers Tennis Center is designed to provide young adults with an opportunity to develop leadership skills and gain hands-on experience in a professional environment. Our program has an organized pathway that enables young adults to progress through three distinct levels, which will enable them to take on more responsibilities and, at the highest level, have the opportunity to work special events for compensation.


  • Work at a club that has one of the top 10 Under Tennis programs in the country

  • Hours spent can be used as community service hours for high school or internship credits for college

  • Letter of recommendation provided

  • Improve on pertinent life skills such as teamwork and leadership skills

  • Opportunity to coach in various community tennis programs outside the club

  • Access to USTA QuickStart and USTA RCW workshops and certificates of attendance from the USTA

  • Coach In Training Certificate from Yonkers Tennis Center 


  • On-court assistance

  • Delivery of the QuickStart teaching format for kids 10 and under

  • Set-up and tear down of all equipment before and after each lesson/clinic/camp/tournament

  • Assist pro staff with organizing players and be prepared to take charge of small groups of players during tournaments. You will be given opportunities to lead in programs such as:

  • USTA Tournaments and Play Days (held on Saturday afternoons and evenings September through June and sporadically throughout the summer)

  • Summer Camp (junior lessons and camp games, Monday-Friday)

  • Junior Programs (junior lessons from September- June)

  • Community events, such as mall events, in-school and after-school programs


  • At least 14 years of age

  • Knowledgeable/have background in tennis

  • Comfortable coaching/working with younger children of all ages and abilities

  • Positive and enthusiastic in all tasks

  • Motivated to improve knowledge and skills

  • Responsible and timely on a daily basis

  • A team player

  • Professional in appearance; wear tennis attire at all times

  • Most importantly, must LOVE working with kids and be a positive role model

C.I.T Levels

C.I.T.'s will progress through 3 different levels at the discretion of the director and based on the amount of C.I.T. hours worked. An Assistant Pro C.I.T. will have the opportunity to be compensated for their work at Yonkers Tennis Center. This work will include, but is not limited to, special events, play days and tournaments, birthday parties and more. Compensation will be granted to Assistant Pro C.I.T.'s who, in addition to working the set amount of hours, maintain outstanding performance and professionalism. This will also be at the discretion of the director.

There are 3 sessions per year: September through January, February through June, and June through August for summer camp.

  • Junior C.I.T. (40-50 hours per session)

  • Senior C.I.T. (51-65 hours per session)

  • Assistant Pro C.I.T. (66-80 hours per session)

If you are interested in the Coach in Training program at Yonkers Tennis Center, please contact Alexa Goldberg at

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