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Facility Rental/Birthday Parties

Are you looking for a fun place to have your next event or birthday party?

Let us help you have a GREAT event for your family and friends!

Whether your friends have played or not, YTC can help make your event a fun event for all of your participants.  

Club Rentals Includes:

4 hours with all 6 courts
Climate controlled courts

Use of lobby for the duration of your event 

Assistance as needed by YTC front desk


Please contact Kathy for customized

rental times


Birthday Parties Includes:

1 hour of on court play run by a YTC Coach
Climate controlled courts

Use of Lobby for 30 minutes after on court portion of your event 

Each party participant receives a YTC party gift

Assistance as needed by YTC front desk

1 Court of 12 children: $299

2 Courts of 24 children: $475


Steps for booking your facility rental or party at YTC

1.  Contact Kathy Galante for date availability for your event

2.  Secure date with $100 deposit 

3.  Confirm time, dates, and if any YTC coaches are needed. 

4.  Enjoy your tennis event at YTC!


For booking your party and date availability or questions contact Kathy Galante at

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