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2019-20 Event Schedule

Learn what's happening at YTC below!

Sign up for all events is through the

Front Desk at 914-968-6918x0 or 

2 hour events: $30/player

3 hour events: $45/player

Adult Camp Night 

This camp is for the big kids.  We split everyone into 2 teams. We use our favorite summer camp games along with finishing the night with our Famous 4-foot Monster Mid. 

At the end of the night, we give our camp awards for Sportsmanship, Most Improved, and Camper of the Night!

All Adult Camp Nights are from 8-11pm 

All adult players and levels are welcome

Valentines Day - February 14 Time Change 8-10pm



Adult Tournaments

We use a round-robin format where everyone plays everyone in the group.  The winner is the team with the most games won at the end.


Jan. 17 from 8-11pm: 4.0 mixed doubles 

Feb. 28 from 8-10pm: 60+ 2.5-3.0 doubles 

Mar. 13 from 8-11pm: 3.5+ Co-Ed doubles - Event Cancelled

Apr. 17 8-11pm: 60+ 2.5-3.0 doubles - Event TBD

Please sign up with a partner for doubles tournaments. 

If you would like to play, but do not have a partner, let the front desk know and we will do our best to help find you a partner. 

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